Brian Steers

Implementation and Product Development, SafeStart

Brian is an eLearning Specialist who creates and maintains all of SafeStart’s eLearning resources. He has been with SafeStart (Electrolab Training Systems) for over thirty years. With an extensive background in technical education, he excels at combining the teachings of SafeStart and technology. Brian works with hundreds of clients and often provides technical advice to those in need in online forums. His expertise comes from 20 years of experience with computer-based training (CBT), 12 years of eLearning course development, and 12 years of experience with learning management systems (LMS).

Brian's sessions

Capturing the Benefits of Remote Learning

Apr 23, 12:15 PM to 1:30 PM - Magnolia A

Presented by
Erika Pouliot, High Liner Foods
John Nadolny, High Liner Foods
Brian Steers, SafeStart