Cristian Sylvestre

Founder and Managing Director, HabitSafe

Cristian Sylvestre is the founder and Managing Director of HabitSafe and the author of Third Generation Safety: The Missing Piece. His 30 years of practical experience enables him to help organizations map their current way of thinking about safety, identify the barriers that exist to taking the next step and explore options to transition effectively. He’s a science person and likes to follow the evidence. Cristian is passionate about applying the latest neuroscience and behavioral research to change the way individuals and organizations think about safety, thereby helping them improve their safety performance.

Cristian's sessions

How Neuroscience Can Help People Use Their Brains as PPE

Apr 24, 8:20 AM to 9:30 AM - Palms ABCD Ballroom   Keynote

Presented by
Cristian Sylvestre, HabitSafe